skin not working

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  1. Mystic Monkey

    Broken vending machine

    For my map I'm trying to reskin a vending machine I got from GMod. Importing things from GMod, texture and all is usually no problem. But when I try to reskin it it's usually hit or miss whenever it'll work or not. I'm sure I've done everything right and properly addressed the .qc, .smd and...
  2. The Siphon

    Skins for a model doesn't work

    I've been working on a model for the 72hr jam. It's a cereal box with 2 bodygroups and 2 skins. The issue is that the second skin doesn't work. It only shows the red skin, has the option to change the skin, but when changing to the blue skin, it doesn't work. Only red skin shows up, even with...