single point

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  1. August101

    arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment a2 - 23w15a

    A TF2 "recreation" of the pvp mech gamemode from Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (hence the name). What this map is and does: * A basic arena map that uses vscript to convert everyone into Pyro-based mechs. * Mech stats: - 2000 Base HP - 100 round minigun that recharges based on how much...
  2. SnickerPuffs

    Seafoam a2

    Screenshots are from version A1! Check out the newest update page to see updated screenshots! Similar to a previous map of mine, Seafoam is an Attack/Defend map experimenting with a single-point. It fixes a few issues the first map had, as well as introducing several new ones because nobody's...
  3. Communism

    koth_underfarm a1

    One of my first maps, mirrored symmetry, small but fast paced. I am still fairly new to mapping, so don't expect very much out of it.
  4. Communism

    ASSAULT 2020-05-12

    This map is a Single Point attack / defend map, built for short rounds, set in sort of an underground mine-like setting. This is one of my first maps that I have made, so expect garbage, I have played it on my server with friends though, and they said it plays well. I have noticed that it is...