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    RED Hood 2017-08-05

    An art i made today.. Had inspiration and felt loke making some calm stuff. total time making this is 1-2 hours PURE GMOD. NO POSTPROCCESING
  2. Spike Nitros

    72hr the Two-pump terror 2017-02-13

    A double-barrel pump action shotgun! All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither in one clean package. Useable by all shotgun classes. Created by Spike Nitros, Thumbnail by Hotrod McCoolguy
  3. XxProCommandoxX

    72hr Paper Shotgun 2017-02-12

    After I made this I thought it would be cool to add prefixes. You can't write professional on it or plate it with gold, but what you can do is add a manual killstreak kit. It is called a 5 to 5 counter ( means that I am not good enough and it counts first 5 kills, next 5 kills and so on to 20 )...
  4. XxProCommandoxX

    72hr Homemade Shotgun 2017-02-12

    Designed by me, built by me, and... My sister plays a lot with it. So, admire this thing while you can (forever), I will be dead, waiting for your feedback.