shit map

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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Medieval bmp_ismac_mc23_a1 a1

    Bump enemies to death try to cap last
  2. an abstract sloth

    THECAGE v2(fix)

    first map, shit map
  3. tupckux

    koth_powerside 0A1

    Inspired from Koth_Deathbagel by Arrayseven, so this is why they're pretty similar. In next updates I will change the map to make it less like Deathbagel. Also, this is 0A1 because the map is not completed, so I wanna make decorations, update the gameplay, make better lightnings, props and etc...
  4. C

    warehouse_a3 2019-07-06

    abcd this map is shitty o_O :selectiontool::selectiontool:
  5. env_duck

    ctf_ctf PA-0

    Ever played a shitty game of CTF in a gym back in your childhood? Have you dreaded those days? If so, you'll dread this tiny little piece of shit. I'm too lazy to put screenshots. You are ubered & always critical when on your own side. Just to re-emulate the horrors.