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  1. CommanderBopo

    Error opening

    Trying to edit a map from my friend but having an issue compiling it. I have done nothing to his original map that was working fine before I tried to run it. Any help would be great as I am only a couple weeks new to mapping. materialPath: C:\Program Files...
  2. Mozz_Gaming

    TF2 program chashes when 'waiting for players'

    the map renders fine as but when i spawn in the timer for 'waiting for players' comes up and stars from 28 seconds which i know is normal. however, the game crashes when that timer hits 1 or 2 seconds left. i checked to see if it does it on any other map (such as ctf_2fort) but they all work...
  3. geggery!

    Is it possible to use Hammer without downloading TF2

    I'm working on a computer that doesn't have enough space to download all of TF2 is there anyway I can copy out Hammer from TF2 (I have another computer which does have TF2 on it) or can I use the SDK or something similar to it?
  4. bruce9086

    Hammer Run Map Old Version again and again

    Here is my log materialPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials Loading C:\Mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.vmf Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 22, brush 6) 4 threads reading c:\mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.bsp reading...