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  1. marshmallowdragon999@outl

    Mannvich sandvich heavy sketch. 2022-07-24

    I currently do not have the skills to maps or animations, but, I can draw. I know the sketch is rough, but, I like it and hope you do to.
  2. Katia

    Heavy holding a sandvich 2020-09-06

    This drawing took me about 3-4 hours to draw and color I'm not much of an artist never have been but I decided to try and dust off my rust and draw the big man himself
  3. NewClarion

    Grilled Frank 2018-07-29

  4. Leofry™

    We Go Together Doctor! 2018-07-29

    This art piece depicts the Heavy and the Medic, two of the classes i feel portray a big part in TF2, these two always come to mind first when i think of TF2 and being a medic main myself, i spend a lot of in game partaking in this sort of duo, i've always loved the idea that they're real close...

    angry heavy 2017-08-07

    made in source film maker and edited in sai. i had to create the rain myself because the custom_rain.pcf is barely visible :( also i dont know how to do paint overs but, so if this looks bad at least i tried.
  6. Tasty Salamanders

    Day in the Life of Heavy

    Day in the Life of Heavy Life was quiet ever since the conclusion of the Gravel Wars, the Robot Wars, and the conflict with the old team of mercenaries hired by Gray; however the team had remained together, rehired by Saxton Hale and left on standby. The mercs were use to living a life without...
  7. ♥Muffet♥

    Dinner with Sasha 2017-08-07

    Heavy took out Sasha for Dinner with medic as the Waiter
  8. Scrap Lord

    Cardboard Sandvich 2017-08-06

    I've made irl a Cardboard Sandvich for the Jam :)
  9. ᴰ ᴱ ᴿ ᴾ ᴵ ᴼ

    Sandvich Surfer 2017-08-05

    Sandvich suddenly become gigantic after heavy dropped it ! .
  10. TitanReck

    Heavy x Sandvich (A Terrible Fan-Fiction) 2017-08-05

    A story between Sandvich (Sandy) and Heavy
  11. Arventus

    Nice job ando go to lunch 2017-02-13

    Nothing better than a lunch after taking the checkpoint, right?
  12. Wingdinger

    72hr The Epic, Stunning, Adventure Filled Quest for Sandvich

    IMPORTANT NOTE* Due to errors in downloading, i have uploaded it to in order to still post my story. Description: This is the epic tale of how the heavy gathers ingredients after a terrible fire (caused by the pyro) destroys all of the heavy's Sandvich ingredients. This is the...
  13. heatingboy23

    sandvich negotiation

    meet the re-animated sandvich, this was fun to make
  14. Maestro

    72hr Team Heavy Propaganda Reupload Heavy Poster

    Propaganda for Team Heavy, inspired in the communist propaganda from USSR. Font used: Buran USSR Brushes used: TF2 Painter's Toolkit made by squeezit
  15. Kikouille Master

    72hr Sandvich Maker 2016-07-24

    This is my entry for the Summer 2016 72h TF2Jam, which I made with Zellk! Heavy and Pyro want to make the biggest sandvich ever, and you will help them! Features several ingredients that aren't in the "classic" Sandvich recipe, as well as Poopy Joe (who is not an ingredient). Music is More...
  16. Bacon God

    72hr Watch Tower Postcard

    It was kinda rushed but it didnt turn out too bad.
  17. CWardee

    Sandviches 2016-05-18

    Koth_Sandviches is a small, hectic King of the Hill Map set on the Heavy's favourite snack!