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  1. KrazyZark

    UAZ 2721 V2

    had fun losing sleep and making it!
  2. Nate Zero Bro

    koth_siberia_a1_withsomechanges a1

    A koth map set in siberia in mother russia!
  3. DeathAnimations Team

    [PL] Raina 2019-08-05

    ~ Our 72 H Jam 2019 map entry, I decided to go crazy on this one and make a reasonably big payload map based on a Latvian city named Jurmala (and more precisely a street named Raina). Sadly the map's details weren't finished due to some exaustion on my part after working on this map 1 night and...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Krasnaya Ploshad a3

    TF Industries decided to build military base in center of Russia - Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshad), but ghost of communism trying to prevent their planes. Koth_Krasnaya_Ploshad is joke map, based on Red Square, Russia, Moscow. Map is cursed by the spirit of communism, so sometimes wait for Lenin...
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Signs a1

    My soviet style signs from my map koth_krasnaya_ploshad
  6. DeathAnimations Team

    [CTF] Vosstaniya Trainstation 2018-07-30

    A map located in a trainstation section in Saint-Petersburg - Russia. Also our entry to the TF2 72h Summer Jam! Useful Info about this map: - This map was requested by my friend Cap Fordo. (Also a sweet gift for all my russian friends out there.) - Creator of the map - DiFFU - Ideas +...
  7. Jusa

    Soviet signs from Kalinka 2017-10-13

    Forgot to upload these so here they are in case someone else has use for them. Might add more/edit them later. Credit me somewhere if you use them in your level.