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  1. AsG_Alligator

    Conifer asset minipack 2023-03-18

    Pack contains: a semi truck model, with separate wheels and 4 skins. a set of road railings (not a very good set but its a lot more usable than the one hydro railing) 2 road textures - an overlay version and a version for use on a displacement over terrain. NEW: Ranger jeep and small...
  2. ForceFul

    Defective A2

    When i was creating this map, I took a lot of hydro, because I really like the style of it. So, here it is. The main idea is closing windows, for example: when blu captures the point their windows close to help red, and when red captures the point blus windows open and reds close. Leave your...
  3. Corvatile

    [GUIDE] How To Make Dirt Roads

    Hiya. This is a pretty simple technique but it wasn't obvious to me at all when I was starting out mapping and I couldn't find tutorials on it anywhere else so I thought I might as well make one. You know those neat wiggly roads you see on a lot of official maps? Roads like this: Here's how...