reflective textures

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  1. Cyberen

    Reflective Ice Texture?

    So I know about func_reflective_glass and made a few mirrors. But I'm hoping to create a texture that acts just like reflectiveglass001.vmt (see below) but only halfway, the other half is white (or a whiteish streak texture, see attached). That will give it an icy surface look. What will also...
  2. Custard1

    Canaveral Water V2

    A water texture I made for use in Cp_Canaveral Contains both expensive and cheap variants, along with a below water texture water_ocean water_ocean_cheap
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] Making Source Beautiful Again

    Introducing So, I was inspired by 3kliksphilips video and decided to create my own guide... to how make your map more... beautiful. Disclaimer I am not professional mapper, all of these just my thoughts, advices and knowledge. Lighting Lighting is the one of the most parts of the map. One of...
  4. suber36g

    How do I use reflective stuff?

    How do I use reflective Materials/brushes? I'm working on my map for the contest and I was going to use reflective metals, but I don't know how.
  5. Dadema

    Reflective Textures

    When I looked at the room 2016 contest I saw a lot of reflective textures (like windows). Do you need to change the vmt or is there an other way?