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  1. Skylark

    Tonemap and Environment Lighting Settings for Official Maps

    I needed luminance and tonemap settings from official maps for something, grabbed all of the lighting info, scaling, and skybox (on request) and put it into a spreadsheet. As it's otherwise tedious to find tonemap settings because the Sky List doesn't mention them, despite tonemaps being...
  2. Vroxim

    Scout turns himself into a steak! final

    An entry for the 72hour jam! Decided to make something fun, and a slight reference to a certain show, in a neat comic-ish way. ;D Took around 2 and a half hours to make but I think it was worth it. Happy to participate and hope everybody else has fun with whatever they make as well!
  3. Jeff Magnum

    KotH travel times

    To help with scaling my maps, I’ve been making a list of the travel times for KotH maps popular in casual/competitive TF2 – maybe it'll prove useful for some of you, too. The rules for these times were as follows: All times are approximate and were taken from whatever spawn point I happened...