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  1. Quin

    Cp_altomare A5

    Hello and welcome to the city of water - Altomare! This map has been greatly inspired by the City of Venice and the Fifth pokemon movie, wich also took great inspiration from venice itself. I don't know how much time i can/will spend on developing this map, so i will release it as it is so...
  2. Quin

    "Abandoned" Theme resource pack 2016-03-30

    Uploaded with Permission by Py-bun for her content Most of these props were created for Abandoned Upward or Abandoned Turbine. Any future releases for this pack will be added as soon as they are aviable. Most of the models include multiple skins. Contents : by Py-bun (Textures/models)...
  3. Quin

    TF2 Mapping part pack A1

    Hello Everyone, i Created this small pack based on an idea i had last week. Alot of people that want to get into mapping to the same issues - They either don't know what or how to do something, so they sometimes just give up. Sure, there are alot tutorials out there, but i know that some people...