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  1. Motik7

    cliff_wall_05.mdl issues

    Basically models/props_forest/cliff_wall_05.mdl (a static prop) doesn't have collisions and it for some reason doesn't light. The collisions is an easy fix I just add block bullet objects and there's your collision but the lighting is kind of an issue because it's pitch dark. It's outside with a...
  2. Yaki

    Resized / Flattened Rocks Pack rc2

    Stock rocks, resized to 2x, and 2x+mirrored. Comes with collision. Also includes some flattened, mirrored, and flattened+mirrored rocks as well. Includes: rock001 rock002 rock003 rock004 +with hot/cold skin variations (excluding snow) +with physics +comes with zoo Models conveniently...
  3. fubarFX

    Alpine Rocks, fixed and mirrored! 2019-05-04

    Introducing props_rocks! featuring the rocks from in props_forest and props_mvm in a cleaned up and easy to use format. No more inconsistencies! top quality gravel guaranteed. Cause let's face it, the official collection of models, it doesn't do a great job. Here's a list of issues that this...
  4. AsG_Alligator

    Mossy rock retextures V1.1

    As promised, I'm releasing these mossy rocks for public. Have fun using them in your maps.