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  1. « KeyGen »

    Soldier Propaganda 1.0

    Hi! I'm KeyGen and this is my contribution for the 72 Hour Jam! I decided to make a drawing of Soldier in a war propaganda style (40's/80's). Hope you like it! My Steam: My Twitter:
  2. Emil_Rusboi

    Propaganda Posters (WAR! update) Licensing

    Hello! I was looking through of old tf2 updates and came across with propaganda posters of the "WAR!" update. I thought "It would be nice to add them to the game as overlays!". But I thought about copyrights. Therefore, I did not dare and asked here. Can I take good posters, redo them as vtf...
  3. Red Turpentine

    72hr Say mmph to sandviches! 2016-07-25

    Just a drawing about the new update, Heavy vs Pyro,inspired on soviet propaganda. (Sent a bit late,was having trouble with uploading it)
  4. Maestro

    72hr Team Heavy Propaganda Reupload Heavy Poster

    Propaganda for Team Heavy, inspired in the communist propaganda from USSR. Font used: Buran USSR Brushes used: TF2 Painter's Toolkit made by squeezit