prop pack

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  1. D.C.V.

    1970's USA Police Cruiser & Yellow Cab a1b

    I made those two vehicles the police and taxi the big American sedan cars from the 70's. Both of them are based on a 1971 Chevrolet Impala or Biscayne. The Police Cruiser have 6 police skins in: police cruiser (black & white) Boston New York Austin Texas Miami Metro Highway Patrol The...
  2. Pinewabble

    Wabble's SpoOoky pack V2.1

    Some halloween themed stuff I had started but never finished/published, I might expand this pack at somepoint with more spookiness. Pack includes: Giant beating heart with 5skins (Red, Blu , Purple, Green and Yellow) "Working" Camera prop that can take pictures of the DEAD!! (and the mercs)...
  3. Coolchou Zhao

    The Ambitious Canned Food Pack 1.2

    My first tf2 props. HD SFM version here:
  4. PrivateerMan

    Mayann Prop Pack (V1.02) 2018-08-23

    Since the Mayann website is down, the prop pack is unavailable there. However, I downloaded the prop pack while it was still up, and felt it necessary for me to publish it here for use by the TF2 community. I just distributed this, and all the models and materials in this pack belong to their...
  5. Crash

    Overgrown Prop Pack V1.1_fix

    Created by Pear, advised by Crash. Created for Overgrown, which has an overgrown South American jungle villa resort theme. (phew.) Assets: guitar amp [3 models 2 skins] arch [2 models 2skins] baluster 1 [6 models 2 skins] baluster 2 [5 models 2 skins] restaurant banquette [4 models 9 skins]...
  6. Shadowgattler

    Confused on how to add prop pack

    I recently downloaded the Whark's arabian market pack, but I'm confused on how to add the files to hammer. It's been a while since I did some mapping so i'm still a bit rusty on the ins and outs of the program.
  7. Quin

    "Abandoned" Theme resource pack 2016-03-30

    Uploaded with Permission by Py-bun for her content Most of these props were created for Abandoned Upward or Abandoned Turbine. Any future releases for this pack will be added as soon as they are aviable. Most of the models include multiple skins. Contents : by Py-bun (Textures/models)...