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  1. lue64

    ctf_bunker a1

    Practice map, low effort
  2. JackHundeswald

    [Figured out] How to block Explosives only in an area?

    Hello people! I am looking for a way to make my Mann Co. Target Practice Room. Infortunately, the target entities from TF2 keep breaking when receiving minimal damage. I have turned them into door_rotating and made an invis button around them to do a open/close system. It works well, but if I...
  3. V

    Grunge_Bar 2019-08-06

    Small bar with physics objects.
  4. V

    Swamp_Depot 2019-08-06

    Small project for 3d skybox, triggers, lighting, and other stuff. I tried to optimize it, but failed, so everything renders at once and I could'nt figure out how to do it properly, so that's why the performance might suffer. Sorry Being completely honest, I just want to not work on this anymore.