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  1. Dr. Zeus

    Scout VS. Heavy 2018-07-28

    "An epic battle in theatres...NEVER! It never got monetized...Quite sad actually, I hear it was a really good fight."
  2. Zez | Trade.tf

    For 72Hr Jam 2017-08-06

    This is for 72h jam!
  3. TommyGun

    Spes Alien 2017-08-05

    My entry for the 72hr TF2 Jam! What started out as a simple idea of just a soldier flying in space, ended up into this thing right here, entirely done in Gmod. I was gonna manually add-in shadows, but they turned out even worse than the in-game ones. But, you can check this imgur album of this...
  4. Superjoe224

    Posing an Engineer Model in Hammer

    Hey guys! Pumped for the Jam tomorrow! Got a quick question, I want to pose an engineer model that will sleep in a chair and potentially (if possible) look like he's breathing so he doesn't look... Odd. Is this possible? I saw in some other forums that it's not really doable to pose and...