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  1. rafradek

    VScript Popfile Extensions V3

    VScript-Popfile-Extensions VScript extensions for use inside population files Should make embedding VScripts into population files easier Provides OnSpawn, OnDeath, OnTakeDamage, OnTakeDamagePost, OnDealDamage, OnDealDamagePost hooks to spawned bots with specified Tags Provides OnSpawn...
  2. Mountern

    How to get percentages higher than 99 in with inverted percentage

    I was editing my pop file and I wanted the Demomen to fire 3 times faster, however since fire rate bonus is an inverted percentage I couldn't figure out a way for the formula of (1.0 - x) * 100 to get a value higher than 99% since (1.0 - 0.01) * 100 equals 0.99 and you cant you much higher...
  3. Mountern

    Need help for custom mvm mission

    I was creating a custom mvm mission on mvm.tf and everything loaded up fine at first. Then I went and changed some attributes and missions and everything broke. I was getting errors like"unknown attribute in wavespawn" so I moved a few brackets and that fixed most of the errors. However, now I...
  4. Simulacron

    How to create a MvM Sentry tank?

    Hey there, I'm trying to create a sentry tank in a custom MvM mission but I can't find anything on how to do it. It would be great if somebody could explain to me how it's done or just link me a pop file that includes a sentry tank. Thanks in advanced!
  5. Simulacron

    Where are the mvm bot templates stored?

    After a few hours of searching on the internet and in the tf2 files without sucess I'm now posting this question here. I want to know the location where the robot_giant.pop and robot_normal.pop (or is it bot_normal.pop and bot_giant.pop? I'm not sure after all.) is stored. If these aren't...
  6. Tumby

    Official Population Files for MvM April2017

    This download includes every Population file that can be currently found in the game. Population files are used to determine the different robots and waves in the Mann versus Machine gamemode. If you want to extract the files yourself, first download GCFScape (...
  7. Erk

    Difficulty Generating .pop Files

    I decided to start an mvm map for the contest, and I've copied the entities required from the mvm_example.vmf. However when I start the map up, the wave number stays at 0, even though I've copied the mvm_example.pop file and renamed it to my map name. I've used nav_generate, and...