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  1. Generalisk

    Player Prop's???

    Hi, I Wanted To Have A Spy On My Map Wearing A Set Of Cosmetic's Doing Nothing But The Luxury Lounge Taunt. I Would Like To Make It Uninteractable (So The Actual Player's Would Just Clip Through This & Cannot Shoot Or Kill It) I Know I Sorta Can Be Done As There Are Uninteractable NPC's On...
  2. GeeNoVoid

    pd_investment A3

    A small Player Destruction map where you collect money from enemies and cash it in.
  3. KWVance

    [Help] Painting TF2 Style Face Textures

    A bit off topic from "maps", but I'm having a VERY hard time with painting a texture. It is a face for a custom TF2 player model. I've found tutorials on TF2 painting, but they're always on how to paint objects, never organic things. Does anyone have any experience with this, resources that...
  4. ficool2

    Any way to clear a SetParentAttachment...?

    I put some SetParent input on a player, and then a SetParentAttachment. It worked fine, but when the ClearParent input on the player, it only clears the SetParent, but not the SetParentAttachment, resulting in the player being stuck in mid air. The only escape is to respawn or use noclip, which...