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  1. r0nii

    wooden platforms v1

    wooden platforms that were made and also are used on the map called od_canary. fun fact. wood_platform04c.mdl were also made for od_canary but it was never used.
  2. Sailaser

    How do you create circular slopes like this?

    I'm making a slope with a block railing to wrap around a cylinder, but I can't seem to find the right height with the arch tool, as when I put the height in, it goes higher than how high I want it to go and it looks like stair steps. Here's the reference (what I want the slope to look like):
  3. frankvega

    72hr Flox Station (King Of The Hill) v1

    A simple but funny map to make for the 72Hs Jam, this is the first time that I enter a contest here in TF2Maps and It has been quite some time since I made a map for tf2, but I really enjoyed making it. Simple description of the map: Once again the battle for the dominance of the Flox Station...