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  1. Salami_Hunter

    Summer Objector 1.0

    "Long live America... oh yes right- Long live the 72-hour jam! I heard there will be medals given out so you better hand me over one, maggot." - Red Soldier (probably)
  2. BossGate

    Artwork - Gibus Hoovy pixelart 1.0

    On this artwork you can see pixelated Gibus Hoovy. It's pixelart!
  3. Gravidea

    Sootopolis City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b4f

    A recreation of the beautiful hidden Sootopolis ity from the game Pokemon Emerald version. The map is inspired from Frewie's pkmn_goldenrodcity, taking textures from the original game and putting them into place for a 3D map. The map is nice and open, making it fun to explore and rocket/sticky...
  4. Serp

    The (r/)TF2 MEDICS 1

    Hello! I asked a bunch of people from r/TF2 to draw their medics drawings, and here they are collaged together! The wallpaper is from the TF2 wikia wallpapers.
  5. CubiC165[GER]

    Medic Pixelart 2017-08-05

    an 80x60 pixelart of the medic made by me with paint.net