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  1. Lo-fi Longcat

    Voxelised Health and Ammo Pickups 1

    For this year's jam I decided to voxelise something more iconic and important for TF2, the health and ammo pickups! As always, had a super fun time with this and can't wait for next jam! :)
  2. Serp

    The (r/)TF2 MEDICS 1

    Hello! I asked a bunch of people from r/TF2 to draw their medics drawings, and here they are collaged together! The wallpaper is from the TF2 wikia wallpapers.
  3. Lo-fi Longcat

    3 Voxelised Weapons

    http://8bitstickmod.tumblr.com/post/163807881737/my-three-entries-for-the-tf2-72hr-jam-my-three I recreated my three favourite looking weapons from TF2 in a voxelised style. 1: The Shooting Star 2: Prinny Machete 3: Headtaker
  4. C-Rup

    72hr Pixel Mercs 2017-02-13

    Made in GIMP 2.0, I guess. Not much else, other than they're apparently cute. First Jam!
  5. Py-Bun

    72hr Glixel Abandoned Upward 2017-02-13

    First time joining the 72hr Jam. Made this within 3 hrs 22 min. timelapse of the creation View: https://youtu.be/nhf0PbmDEaY
  6. YourWishes

    72hr Faster than 40MHz 1.00

    Hey guys, here's my 72hour entry, I think it turned out nicely, it's just a pixel art of my scout done in a sorta 1990s Mac pixel style. Tools used: SFM (For posing and referencing for the scout) Paint.NET (For the actual pixel art) TF2.. Obviously Good Ol' Google Other info: This is obviously...
  7. Yung Autism

    72hr RED/BLU 2D Voxel Art

    TF2 RED/BLU 2D-voxel art I made. Took roughly an hour. I'm new to this! Thought I'd give it a go.