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  1. Lee23

    Health & Ammo Kit 1.0.0

    This model is designed to be used for giving players a small amount of health and metal on pickup. It's a space efficient alternative to placing the two next to each other and adds some variety to the usual pickups we're all used to.
  2. ethosaur

    Slop & Slime Pack v1

    With this pack, you can also create maps in this style! Includes: -About 94 custom made, original assets, including remade TF2 items, such as item pickups, custom bomb model, resupply/battlements signs and resupply cabinet! -Prop zoo vmf -About 50+ Cartoony Textures Dont forget to check...
  3. Pinewabble

    Wabble's Player Destruction pickups pack V1

    Commissioned by the lovely Gravidea to make some extra pickup models for the Player Destruction gamemode! Models in the pack: Blueprints Mann Co. Crate Folder Medal Parcel package Gold bars (3 different versions) Dogtags (3 different versions)
  4. Midlou

    [Prefab] Pickup Timer V2

    Model Based (Kodus to Zeus3005) Includes: Small Ammo pack Medium Ammo pack Full Ammo pack Small Health Kit pack Medium Health Kit pack Full Health Kit pack Feel free to use it as you want Made by me