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  1. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Piney Park Pack Part 1

    The first entry into a series forming a small pack, ushering in the pastoral and forested scenes of the USA's national parks with pine trees. Part 1 features over 76 alternate-color wood textures.
  2. XEnderFaceX

    Custom Assets not packing

    Hey Everyone, I always Compile my Maps with CompilePal, and ive had no Problems with it Packing custom assets. But for some reason, on my Halloween Map "Poison" it refuses to pack, even though i ticked the PACK and REPACK box in the Compiler. Heres the Compile Log: Starting a 'Test' compile...
  3. r0nii

    wooden platforms v1

    wooden platforms that were made and also are used on the map called od_canary. fun fact. wood_platform04c.mdl were also made for od_canary but it was never used.
  4. Coolchou Zhao

    The Ambitious Canned Food Pack 1.2

    My first tf2 props. HD SFM version here:
  5. Coding Ethan

    Separated MVM Tools V4

    A set of props edited from the MVM Upgrade station, including team skins, collisions and LODs. Included currently: Drill Press Hand Grenade Planned: Detail props from stock model Improved textures Better poly models LODs
  6. Pie_Savvy

    European Signs Decal Pack 2018-07-30

    Now you too can set your map in the rugged terrain of the Austrian Alps or in an industrial port along the Rhine. Includes a read me with who to credit if you use this in a map. So for our 72 hour jam we did some map decal signs with a european flair. If there is any issues (or you want us to...
  7. 【EmNudge】

    Quake/Battle Royale Announcer Lines 2018-07-29

    These lines were used as a replacement for almost all of arena mode's announcer lines, with some additions for the custom battle royale-styled gamemode. Recorded myself with a some noise gating, compression, EQ, pitch shifting, and reverb. KS lines aren't working in arena, but I've included...
  8. Scampi

    Full SFM Prop Library 2018-05-19

    Prepare to be amazed by the huge swath of new props to play with! I recently downloaded a huge pack of SFM assets from MaxofS2D's website. I eagerly crammed them into the custom folder and started examining all of them. There truly was an entire content pack's worth of props in there... but...

    Medieval Sugguestions

    In my boredom, I decided that (instead of trying to finish a full map) I would try to build a prefab pack for Medieval Buildings, similar to the Front-line Building Prefab pack made by snowsquirrel. I've already made a watermill (though it still needs a little work) that's decently detailed, but...
  10. XEnderFaceX

    Hammer doesnt work anymore... :(

    Hi, So, today i reinstalled A Boojam Snarks Mapping Pack, aswell as Puddys Small Mapping Ressource Pack. I reinstalled them because somethings werent working anymore for some reason. I Opened Hammer and i got this message, Entitys like path_tracks, func_doors etc. are now replaced with...
  11. ISPuddy

    Water with Mercenary Park's water style Jungle-Inferno

    in mercenarypark valve used a new flow water texture for the ocean i put this scrolling normalmap into all tf2 waters.
  12. AsG_Alligator

    Enclosure assets V1.1

    Zip file containing all assets I made for Enclosure. Includes a zoo vmf file with models divided into used (on blue brush) and unused (on red) assets. Mossy rocks are also available in a separate download (check my other downloads).
  13. Billo

    winter-christmas pack wanted

    in short i am making a winter - christmas themed map for the mvm contest but i cant find a christmas pack to use for my map. i found a birthday one i believe but it doesnt work on hammer for some weird reason. i would like to know if there is a pack that i can use which includes presents..... or...
  14. TheNoobThatWas

    Sean "heyo" Cutino's Jungle Asset Pack 2017-06-20

    Models and materials created by heyo, used on pl_borneo. Redestributed with permission.
  15. Billo

    packing mvm mission with vide.

    so i fixed the problem i had with the missions even if i had one other weird problem which is i packed the map with the mission just to test if it works but when i updated the map it didnt add the new things such as buildings. i thought that the cause would be the name so i changed it and...
  16. Billo

    Problem With Packing My Map

    i am using the vide to compile my map i open vide 1 pick my map 2 scan it 3 pick /tf 4 scan 5 auto 6 apply 7 save am i doing something wrong? because i take a lot of comments that says the map has errors and missing textures if i do i would be thankful if you told me you are doing that wrong or...
  17. Billo

    a packing problem

    hey guys! well a lot of times when i compile witht the vide it doesnt work completely and still everyone gets errors and missing textures. i would be thankfull if you told if what to do so i can fix it. (i open vide select the map , scan , select tf, scan , auto , apply , save, exit
  18. ISPuddy

    Puddy's Small Mapping Resource Pack vscript_test (11/12/2022)

    like Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack :medal:(Boojum) but with more useful/useless stuff. 11/12/2022 VScript Stuff the pack is now compatible with the tf2 [vscript_test] beta branch Added VScript entities Added "Bypass Ubercharge" spawnflag to point_hurt Added point_worldtext Updated more...
  19. Billo

    i need a jungle pack

    hey guys! if anyone has a link for a jungle pack please tell me down below because i can't find it for a reason anywhere
  20. Mikroscopic

    Arctic Skyboxes a2

    After many hours of hard work, I finally learned how to properly make skyboxes. I'll probably make a few variations of this in the future. Don't quote me on that though.