orphaned map

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  1. Fault in Maps

    Dayspring a14

    Originally orphaned by DoctorDoomTrain, Dayspring has gotten overhauled and is ready to be played again! I always felt there was a strong base with the orphaned version of the map, so I am so excited that I got to work on it! The last version was a8, I skipped a9 cause starting at a1(0) was...
  2. Fruity Snacks

    CP_Perilous Dev source a2-a9

    Was asked to see the bsp for cp_perilous, a single stage Control Point map, based on the over-the-top jungle spy villainy base things you see in like James Bond or the Incredibles. It was a jungle map before Jungle was a thing. You're free to use/develop the maps out as you please, and use what...
  3. TheFluffycart

    Fluffy's File of Forgotten Failures

    A quick note on these maps/clippings of projects. They all very from many different phases of my mapping career, and a lot of them are not my original ideas but were enough brushwork that I wanted to through them into this one ease of access VMF. The first projects I want to cover are Cp_Depot...
  4. TheFluffycart

    Arena Fluffycart (Open) a2

    Howdy hey, making a post here for a really crappy map I made in 3 hours for the recent microcontest. As of now, it's at around an a2 with minor changes (see change log for the map at https://tf2maps.net/downloads/arena-thefluffycart.9501/) My main idea while creating it was originally a...
  5. Kube

    Grain-Eerie (Halloween) [OPEN]

    (those clear tubes were designed to be stand-ins for custom props) A partially-complete reskin of cp_granary. Made by @KubeKing and @Exactol (include us as contributors). Open to everyone! And don't be afraid to use these files, even if someone else is using them. Screenshots
  6. Tango

    [OPEN] Trashcan's Dumpster fire of maps.

    I've made lots of map that never went anywhere, you are free to use them. Please feel free to use them. HOWEVER Please do the following: Comment on this thread which map your adopting (Please tell me the way you're crediting me) Credit for the map can be achieved through multiple ways. It...
  7. 無敗 Muhai

    [TF2 Brewery] Requesting someone to take on this Map Concept

    download link: V V V https://puu.sh/vGTCU/5879d2964d.vmf -current state: vsh map- I started this project a few years ago but I cannot really call myself a mapper, at least not one that can do everything them self. When it comes to detailing, it doesn't take long for me to get bored. There...
  8. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] Points Get a1

    This map was built from an orphaned map made by Sergis, so the layout of the map was done by him. I just added a whole bunch of logic entities to give the map some additional features. In your spawn room is a white tile that teleports you to a separate room, shown above. The counter on the...
  9. Beef Bucket

    Badfish A8

    The time in between me taking on CP_Itza and now makes up a significant portion of my time on this site but whatever, it's done now. CP_Badfish is an asymmetrical attack\defense map. It does not particularly try anything new. Originally kicked to the curb by Muddy, why she entrusted me with it...
  10. Patstrick

    ctf_machine_shop_a1 [Open][Alpha]

    ctf_machine_shop_a1 is a map inspired by ctf_turbine and attempts to address a main problem (imo) with most if not all valve ctf maps: they can be shut down with 2-3 well coordinated engineers. Here are the screenshots included as a imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/mawVg Note: when I refer to...
  11. SnickerPuffs

    Creep a7

    Original map - Koth_Crop_72, by @Uncuepa ----- I intend to make this map halloween-themed in later developement stages. ----- Credits - @Rexy, for the Forklift model - The TF2Maps.net community
  12. Funboringness

    Unfinished trade map

    I have this old trade map I was making, and i just gave up on it. Here.