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  1. MacRipley

    Modular Safety Railings 1

    Very basic modular safety handrails originally whipped up for my current project. Figured I'd submit these seeing as others can probably make use of em. No LODs since they're already fairly low poly, so just use a smart prop fade distance. Comes with red, blue/neutral, and safety orange skins...
  2. Shisho

    72hr Jam 2023 koth_croc a1

    my first map, a small koth map with lots of crocodile-infested water. used to be a A + B > C map but i was runnin out of ideas and motivation. hence why red's side is kinda scuffed.
  3. Robogineer

    Titian a2

    Overall goals are to blow up retain the original proportions of cp_orange_x3 while adding new and improved gameplay balances. Probably not balanced for 6s! Credits to White Wolf and GGODD2 for the og map designs
  4. Feax

    72hr Jam 2022 scout see you 2022-07-25

    hi i hope i can do something else
  5. Jung`C

    orange map 2021-12-18

    i just really love orange maps so me and my team made one plz enjoy :) steam account -
  6. talapka.aniko

    Blood Orange (orange event) b4

    A horrible curse was brought upon to the beautiful albeit unfinished lands of cp_Orange. Blood orange is a halloween makeover of cp_Orange_x3 packed with spells,crit pumpkin pickups and the screams of your enemies. Extra credit goes to: -Original Orange map by WhiteWolf_X -Swamp assets by...
  7. Zorb

    Brinetown a6a

    A pretty short map inspired by a dream I had while at the beach
  8. bajablink

    koth_bump A2 as bsp

    I tried to make the most casual map possible. It succeeded greatly.
  9. NachoBIT


    So, this is my first TF2 map! So, a lot of people said that i should start by grabbing a map and add fix the parts that you don't like a lot. So that's what i did! I looked at servers that only have what's called "Orange Maps" that are just maps with dev textures and they only focus on...
  10. old_sarai

    koth_uglytower v2

    There's a main tower with a inscribed spinning saw blade and some underground routes, the top of the tower is accessible through a portal.
  11. Dr. Snoop

    CTF_2BasePF A115b

    CTF 2Base is a "Pre-Fortress 2 Optimized" Neutral CTF map where you take the intelligence from the central base via the bridges or lower entrances and return it to your base's capture point. Neutral CTF: Take the Intelligence and return it to YOUR Base to Capture! TF2, PF2, TF2C, TF2V, Etc...
  12. TSP172

    vsh_power_orange_v2 Current version v5

    You need only VSH plugin to play also there is 2 easter eggs right now... have fun.
  13. penisbuttsex11

    koth_highbridge a7

    Each team has one way to the control point. A bridge, leading to a pit containing the point. Once you are on the point, you cannot get out unless you use explosive jumping. Each class has had a well thought out function for this map, many being a clusterfuck in the bridge.
  14. Dr.MemeSpoon

    FakeOrange! 2019-07-22

    THE BEST ORANGE MAP (not really an orange map) IN THE WORLD, THIS MAP HAS BEEN CRAFTED TO FIT ETHE BEST not so very ORANGE MAP IN THE WORLD, THIS MAP HAS BEEN CRAFTED TO FIT EVERY SINGLE CLASS IN-GAME its just my take on a koth orange map... fun fact its my first map
  15. freedom

    cp_tangerine a3FIX

    5cp TANGERINE Welcome to Tangerine! As you may have guessed, this map resembles orange. But only by name and gamemode. I wanted to imitate what made Orange good but eventually just made a map nothing like it! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Walkthrough
  16. Orangy57

    koth_anotherorangemap b1

    Welcome to another generic dev texture map. The map is setup asymmetrically, with being able to flank the enemy side in mind. It's made for pretty quick style combat, and it's small. There's a couple of slopes to abuse and charge across to the other team's base if that's your thing. Thanks to...
  17. Aleph Null

    TF:Z Orange01 0.3

    This is a map engineered for an upcoming 4th community take on the zombie survival concept. This time however, things will get done right. Instead of adding crazy health modifiers and ridiculous movement boosts, Team Fortress: Zombies decides to keep class individuality as a core value. Scouts...
  18. freedom

    cp_orange_comrade B3

    Orange x3, except nearly everything is redone, buildings are added, sightlines are cut, and I'm still open to suggestions. Yes, I am going to finish fencing and likely modify mid a bit more to get it to my liking. Will upload screenshots on B2.
  19. Erk

    The Orange Box's 10th Anniversary

    The Orange Box's 10th Anniversary October 10, 2017 - TF2 Team (10th anniversary community mosaic image courtesy of TF2 subreddit) On October 9th, 2007, Team Fortress 2 was released to the world. Also some other games shipped too, in a game collection called The Orange Box, but between you...
  20. strafe

    koth_field a1

    Hi all! This year I had a lot less time than last year. First I wanted to recreate the office building I work in, but with alterations so the gameplay is actually tolerable; it was a huge pain in the ass so I ended up scrapping it. I still wanted to make a map, so learning from last year I...