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  1. arthurgps2

    I can't compile my map! Someone help me!

    So after like 3 updates of my map, ctf_crossover without compiling it (my PC is a 2010 one, it takes too long to compile my map), I decided to test my map to see how it goes. Fixed the leaks, got to TF2, wrote that command to load my map and.... for some reason the map was an older version of my...
  2. Skeletonization

    trade_quiinix_2 2017-08-03

    2 years ago, someone asked me to make them a map. This is that map. I finish it and after they said they didn't want it anymore, it kinda just sat in my maps folder for 2 years... until now, of course. Now you can experience this knockoff trade_plaza_2 map. Because the guy who requested me to...