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  1. E

    Converting Maps into Obj or Dae files with Textures

    Hey, so I'd like to convert some maps into Obj or Dae files. So far I've successfully gotten bsp into vmf, and somewhat gotten vmf into dxf, which 3ds Max can open, but without textures. I've tried Nem's Crafty tool, but that didn't export textures. I tried this tool by Zachary Blystone which...
  2. EArkham

    Generic Scale Reference for Modelers Unversioned - Link Update

    This is something I made ages ago and have used for a long time. It occured to me just now that it might be useful for other modelers. It's a set of simple geometry outlines of common TF2 measurements. 64, 128, 256, stuff like that. Since the grid in various modeling programs can be hard to...