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  1. Dr.TwentyTwo

    snowfield a3

    This is my second attempt at creating a map. I think this came out pretty good for a second attempt overall especially considering the disaster that was bridge town. I took heavy inspiration from highpass with this map as well as some others like harvest. I hope you enjoy the map as I haven't...
  2. Werewolf

    Looking for a tutorial(s) on creating and using Bump and Normal maps

    I'd like to up my texture creation game with bumpmaps and normalmaps. My problem is that while I know of these things, I'm rather foggy on what the difference between them is and which to use when. Secondly, some form of tutorial on how to create both bump and normal maps would be appreciated...
  3. MaccyF

    Brick/brickwall004_ Fix v1

    Includes: Brick/brickwall004_fix Brick/brickwall004c_fix Brick/brickwall004d_fix Brick/brickwall004e_fix which are identical to their sans _fix counterparts but with less noisy bumpmaps taken from brick/brickwall002 in an attempt to reduce the visual clutter that the original textures cause.