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  1. dabmasterars

    water cuts off rendering (watch screenshots)

    if you stand in the corner of the highlighted brushes (image 1), the top part would be cut off with no textures. there are no leaks or errors, so i don't think providing the compile log would be useful. turning water into func_detail doesn't help, it makes the water invisible. what do i do...
  2. FloofCollie

    Material that doesn't block or cast light

    I'm looking to create a variant of nodraw that doesn't block light (skybox won't work because it casts light) while still being able to seal areaportals. VDC says Dark Messiah has this variant but I don't own the game to check. What would I need to put to get this effect?
  3. Lightyena


    I'm a beginner in map creation, This is my second map, I did not have this problem on my first map. but well... I have a strange problem on my map and I do not know how to solve it myself. like being in the title, I do not have any nodraw texture on my map, but in the log it accuses an error...
  4. Szpaj

    Water problem

    my water doesnt seem to work right. Because i can see water only when im swimming under it. I created water by creating big box with nodraw texture then i go to texture application tool and changed it to normal water_well.
  5. Arceus

    Trials with Trains

    I followed this tutorial for inserting trains, found here, word for word. Here are my issues currently: The train does not render. A force "pushes" the player, but the model is not visible. The train model used is urban_subwaycar.mdl . There are multiple train cars, each are the same model...
  6. BigfootBeto

    Frontline Props Placeholders Library V1

    Tired of seeing 90 mb alpha maps stuffed with Frontline Assets? Well, this pack hopes to alleviate that problem by providing mappers with a library of placeholders to use instead of props. Key props include the tank and fountains. Every placeholder is properly nodrawed and func_detailed (one...
  7. The Siphon

    [TIP] Fixing glitching brushes in 3D window

    I had this problem today with my SFM map: If you have the same problem, don't worry the fix is quite simple. This error was caused by a displacement that had a nodraw texture surface. Basically it was a nodraw brush made into a displacement. To fix this, simply change the texture (should...