moving platform

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  1. BiggieMike

    Help With func_tracktrain Moving Platforms

    I had an idea with a KOTH map where depending on who controlled the point, a platform would rise on their respective side. I've gotten the platform to move how I want, took forever, but my problem is having the game determine when to lower the non-point holder platform, and when neither owns the...
  2. TH3 D34DL3$$

    trigger_timer_movable 0.9.2

    Somewhat lightweight script that manages the object movement in relation to the capture progress of spectified capture area's point Setup: 1) Setup any supported movable object how you'd normally do (Note: make sure there are nothing that changes the speed and moving direction of the entity. It...
  3. Da Spud Lord

    Engineer Buildings on Moving Platforms Prefab V1

    You'd think making a moving platform that engineers can build upon would be an easy enough thing to implement: Detect when a building is placed on it, and parent to the platform. Alas, we can take nothing for granted when it comes to this acursed engine! Yet! Even in the face of fearsome...