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  1. Aulli

    Comet (72hr Jam) a2

    Made for the 2022 72hr Jam. I've always thought the existing moonbase theme didn't feel very TF2, and I kept being asked "What would it look like, in your opinion?", and that's hard to answer for words. So, I answered with brushes. Cap the point in the middle to send out your rover, which...
  2. afr4y

    Apogee v2_a1

    koth_apogee is my first ever map. Taking place in a moonbase, it has a high emphasis on height variation, and includes sniper towers, an underground flank, and lots of health and ammo kits. The map is rotationally symmetrical. Current release is alpha 1, expect overpowered positions, poor...
  3. RetroNuva10

    rd_asteroid b0

    Hey all! After much time, I think this is finally in a spot to deem it ready enough to be uploaded, starting with b0. NOTE: This is a work-in-progress. All feedback is greatly appreciated, but keep in mind that, since this is mostly an art-pass, I potentially just may have not gotten around to...
  4. cupcaaakes

    cp_apollo A6

    cp_apollo is a moonbase-themed Attack/Defend map which I made to get back into making creative things with my PC. Made with immense help from @lucky. Thanks, buddy! I'm very sorry for everyone that is going to play this, this is my very first map and I haven't worked with 3D software in quite a...
  5. F4NGS

    Lunarbase V2 A6

    Collect data packages that slain players drop and take them through a portal located in the center of the lunarbase.. That portal takes you to an impact crater on the moon’s surface with a satellite ground station for you to transfer the data packages to your team back on earth. The first team...
  6. C

    Moon Dustbowl a1

    Reimagining of dustbowl with a moonbase/space theme. Currently only stage 1. I tried to gauge the size of the original with screenshots instead of direct measurements to make a map that's similar but not exactly identical. I accidentally overscaled the section around the second point but want to...
  7. Limasio

    MoonLaunch B2

    My first KOTH map, set on an lunar outpost, in which RED and BLU fight over a laser to blow up each other's space ships. Part of the 2019 72hr jam.
  8. Goodnight Girl

    koth_launchpad a3

    Things I already wanna change/add gameplay-wise - extending the outcropping outside the point area - either replace one of the elevators with a down elevator or add a one-way drop-tube somewhere neutral -make the roof another place to drop onto the point
  9. Mess About

    Moontown a1

    Note: Even though the map has packed, but if the robots don't move, type in the console nav_generate, the robots are actually bots so they needs nav_mesh to work ___________________________________________________ A bit different than normal RD maps layout, where you go deeper for higher tier...
  10. Archon

    Sibyl A13 Release 1

    REUPLOADED SINCE I UPLOADED A JPEG LIKE AN IDIOT Feedback is welcome. Created in 3.5 days (so far). The lift will go up and down when capped, and the hologram bridge changes team colors. THINGS TO DO: Displacements Moar Props Skybox fixes
  11. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Crystal Recolor Mini-Pack! Ver. 1

    Hello friends!! Fuzzy here again, this time with a small, lil prop re-color pack just in time for the hallowed, spooky season of mapping ahead! Included in this pack are seven new recolors of a Moonbase/Asteroid prop for you to use in either team-colored areas, out-of-bounds neutral detailing...