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  1. Hydro Eclipse

    Nieva A1

    Story (WIP): Blu learns that Red is planning to destroy a power facility Blu owns that powers many of their secret bases. Aquireing a small shack right outside the town, Blu must take a bomb into Red's base to destroy the missile. Red learns of Blu's plan and attempts to launch the missile...
  2. Tango

    Scatman _a1

    I really can not think of anything clever to say, but, Custom content: Rocket skin: MaccyF Custom Capture point hologram: DioJoestar
  3. C

    detail_corvatile_72hrs_2017 2017-08-06

    Like last year, I just made a purely aesthetic entry. This map is a detail scene of a spytech missile silo somewhere beneath the Teufort badlands. Made in a couple afternoons. This was mainly an attempt to experiment with complex brushwork and angular geometry seeing as most of my maps tend to...
  4. Da Living Bagel

    Frontline: CTF_Missile_Silo v 1.0

    A symmetrical Frontline themed map set in a missile base. Similar to turbine in layout, I'm still taking suggestions for improvements so feel free to send me critiques!