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  1. Buic

    Knifeball A2

    The sequel to stabfest, knifeball! Play football(?) with knives and murder!
  2. Toool

    $30 to whomever converts the TFC Minigolf maps

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this request. TFC was the first massive multiplayer game that I ever played, I was merely a young kid when I started in the early days of Steam, and I've still got tons of fond memories rushing home from school so I could check into Axl's TFC...
  3. Bazooks

    Golf with a Friend b4

    Use the Heavy's knockback rage upgrade to push an otherwise invincible robot to a hole. Playable by up to two players at a time, but only as Heavy. Created for the Guardian Dynamica contest. Golf ball icon by lite ( )
  4. Mikroscopic

    Midway a3

    Step right up and show off your skills! Anyone can be a winner! ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ This map features a selection of three different carnival themed mini-games, each one presenting an opportunity to take home an amazing prize! Take a break from the fighting for a while and...
  5. Mozz_Gaming

    Game_ui controls

    I’m currently in the process in building a death run map (had freezing issues with it but that was fixed in another thread :p) I am trying to build a mini game where the death is a final boss and controls a laser to point at the runners. The problem is this, I know that I would have to use a...
  6. ☜Freekill☞

    Team Fotress 2: Minigames 2.0

    TF2 Minigames is an ongoing project aiming to add a minigame every single 72 Hour TF2 Jam, this is my second upload so there are 2 minigames. I'm always looking for feedback, if you have time please leave a comment in the thread. MINIGAMES: ??? - 2016 Winter Jam ??? - 2016 Summer Jam...