microcontest 14

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  1. Keizer Ei

    KeizerEi MC14 A2

    anyone who plays this map will have their lives changed for the worse Gimmicky map created for MC14: Trains Maybe it sucks maybe it doesnt thats up to you to find out
  2. lucky

    lucky_mc14 a1

    This is a steelpit type map. (3 points, a+b start as cappable, C is available after either of these is captured. C is required to win) Made for a microcontest with trains as the theme, I tried to have A and B use an over and under approach with the trains but I don't think it ended up having...
  3. norfolk

    norfolk mc14 a1

    microcontest entry. i am very tired, have a small weird map with trains? capture the australium by riding the train. don't get hit by the subway!
  4. Fault in Maps

    arena_stressedjello mc14

    An arena map set in a busy intermodal facility. Made for micro-contest 14 of 2021. Originally was going to have the central container be brought in and lifted up via the crane, but couldn't get the logic there in time.
  5. 14bit

    14bit MC14 A2

    Made for MC14: Trains Trains run every 20-30 seconds; it randomly picks from sending the Red train, the Blue train, or both at once. The layout is built with the main route weaving parallel with the train lines, and there's a ton of height variation between the two points. It's unlike anything...
  6. SnickerPuffs

    SnickerPuffs MC14 a1

    I had to cut a lot of corners, and remove a couple gimmicks I wanted to include, in order to finish in a reasonable amount of time. I just hope I didn't cut out too much. Partially a remake of my MC3 map, Hopper, since mid was inspired by a unreleased revision of that map. ~~~~ Uses (a...
  7. tealdragonoid

    koth_roundabout_mc14 A2

    This is my entry for Microcontest 14 - Dangerous Trains Edition! This is a KOTH map where the capture point is set on the trailer of a moving train. The train will move between two locations after capture. But watch out, that train is dangerous! It's meant to be a relatively fast-paced and...
  8. SuperLuxDeluxe

    arena_luxdeluxe mc14_a3

    Features: Randomized direction and time rideable hazard train that opens alternate route Capture point arrives on rideable hazard train from random direction Funny death pit cliff with a precariously positioned health kit ;) Geo completed in just under 4 hours, logic completed in 8.5 hours...
  9. Emil_Rusboi

    Trams mc14 a1b

    This map is an entry to Microcontest 14: Trains Instead of trains I decided to use trams... cus I love trams! My goal was to put as many tram paths as possible. I ended up with 7 paths, 1 in the middle and 3 for each team side Retribution to Megalo :)
  10. 14bit

    Microcontest 14: Trains

    Welcome to Microcontest 14: Trains ALL ABOARD! We've got a timetable to keep, and we're not stopping for anything. Today, your task is to make a map that includes a train hazard. Payload carts (even Lil' Chew Chew) do not count. Here's some templates to get you started if you'd rather not...