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  1. Mazata

    ctf_mazata_mc16_a1 2021-07-25

    My entry for the mc16 contest! Couldn't get rid of the black areas idk why they are there Used jump pads prefab created by Yrrzy
  2. Tiftid

    pl_tiftid_mc16 _a1

    If you thought pl_yeswhere was gimmicky and tiresome, you haven't seen nothin' yet, mate! Since the restriction of this microcontest barely restricted me at all, I quickly got bored of it and started thinking about things that really interest me, like "how can I make it so that BLU gets to...
  3. norfolk

    norfolk mc16 a2

    Micro map for microcontest. I did this one as fast as I possibly could due to time constraints and an overall desire to not stay up until 4 am so I am not at all expecting it to be good or very playable. We'll see where it goes soon enough I guess :)