mayan project

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  1. Lugenstein

    Model MayannProject Assets

    I can't seem to find any downloads for the MayannProject. Since the download on the forum page was deleted to have the assets downloaded from which has now closed down, I can't find any other way to acquire the assets. Wondering if anyone has some of the files laying...
  2. Pigzit

    Araguaia A2C3

    My first ever map! The first released Alpha version of my new KOTH Map for the 72HR Summer Jam. Steam Description: The BLU team and the RED team have both happened across a Mayann Temple after exploring the jungles and caves. Decide who gets to keep it in KOTH Araguaia! Planned...
  3. 200

    Aqua final

    If you ever tried to rocket jump for a decent amount of time, you probably know how glitchy the water is - it allows you to gain insane speed, jump very high and glide on its surface without touching the ground. Yes, it may not have the desired high level of detailing because it is very big...
  4. Hosomi

    pl_coatl PreAlpha

    +++NOT YET PACKED+++ +++REQUIRES MAYANN ASSET PACK AND AZTEC ASSET PACKS+++ Not yet anywhere ready for playtesting
  5. wolfiejo

    templefall a1

    I'm just getting back into mapping after a 4 year absence or so and wanted initial feedback on this very very early alpha. I'm trying to see if playability is good before doing much detail, since that was my problem in the past (I'd make super detailed maps that were crap to play on hah.) If...
  6. swǝƃ˙ le pruno galactique

    Koth_templeassault [Alpha] [Open] [Mayann project]

    So, hi. I was making a hammer map for mayann project, but, finally, i failed. (long story) I would like someone to "finish" the map for me (we will be both in the credits, i'm the original creator etc...) IF YOU POST IT ON THE WORKSHOP, ADD ME IN CO-CREATOR/LET ME POST IT (you can choose. If you...
  7. MegapiemanPHD

    cp_palenque a17

    Palenque, the Mayan's Red City. A place of mystery, redness, and conspiracy. Is there any truth to the Palenque Slab about ancient space travel? Probably not but that won't stop the Mercs from fighting over it.
  8. ммα | ∂αиỉєℓ

    Tulum a1

    pl_Tulum is a single map 3 point payload map with a jungle/mayan theme Got the mapping vibes again from seeing the mayan project. This is the first version, but I did go a little into detailing some parts. Custom stuff used or planning on using: Portal foliage by Quin...