map design

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  1. Motik7

    Pathing in Hammer

    I am a very new mapper (I am working on my first TF2 map, though I have general game dev knowledge) and one of the things I noticed in pretty much any quality community map (using the pro versions of Valve maps as reference) is that there seem to be paths built into the texture similar to what...
  2. Dr.Pootis-001

    Who can Turn this mess into a working ctf map

    me and my friends made this during a discord call, i am making this into a map, bit i want to see what you guys can make out of this blueprint that looks like a third grader mad it.
  3. FunnyPyrofish

    I need ideas/help for making a tf2 "serious" map.

    Alright so, I want to make a cp map but I can't find any ideas, I tried to draw some stuff but that was really bad, I don't know at all where to begin, I'm doing more and more great on hammer so thats not about a problem with the editor that I eventually couldnt understand, I really really want...
  4. R

    Refresh: Recruitment

    Hey guys, Refresh: map group is looking for talented mappers that are willing to contribute to our projects in various competitive game modes. We are currently focusing our efforts towards 6s maps, but are open to suggestions for future work. Along with mapping experience, we are interested in...
  5. Checkpoint Charlie

    Need Help With 3D Skyboxes

    Hello peeps! As I am quite new to hammer I only made a handful of maps, but I always get stuck on the skybox phase and I ruin everything. Can anyone help me with some tips and tricks with how to make my skyboxes look better? Thank you in advance! P.S. Yes I have full knowledge of how 3D...
  6. The Birdy from Nowhere

    How to make maps for large scale taunt battles?

    After messing around with taunt attacks for a while, I've come to reckon it'd be possible to make maps around the idea that players would only be allowed to kill each other with taunt attacks, so I made a thread about it so we could discuss it. My findings relating to taunt attacks can be found...
  7. Seberster

    How do I test my maps without help from the TF2Maps community?

    I was banned about 2 years ago now before I was ToS age from the server most likely from some sort of unintended triggering content. (From what remember it was some sort of negative comment on polyamorous relationships.) I am now all this time later really feeling that desire to continue my...
  8. Dokta Whawee

    How do I put the Rick May tribute Statue in my map?

    So, I am making a map for the first time, and I was curious as to how i'd put the rick may statue in my map. I have seen it in custom maps, so how would I do it? Thanks!
  9. Lucabutt

    [SOLVED] Looking for someone to help improve a map I use for my TF2 server

    Henlo, As the title of the thread states, I'm looking for an advanced mapper who has some time on their hands to help me out. I, along with a friend, was working on a trade map that I'm using for my TF2 server and we've done what we could with it but there are still plenty of issues that I'd...
  10. samuelkeller64

    Dev Textures "On Grid"

    I'm new to to mapping and have played a few imps with the Steam group. One common comment I've seen is when maps aren't "on grid", which seems to refer to the dev textures not lining up with the lines provided (the 64x64 ones I assume). I've noticed that with my maps that I've been trying to...
  11. Dogehunter

    What Makes a TF2 Map Fun?

    Hey all! This is my first post to this form so expect some bad formatting What makes a good TF2 map? TF2 is a weird type of game when you think about it. Unlike other FPS games, the high mobility & casual setting of TF2 makes it hard to find a sweet spot in making a map fun & competitive...
  12. Shadowss

    Melee payload map

    Who else thinks a melee payload map would be fun?
  13. [NGPU] Revetron

    Vector Calculator for Map Making

    When creating a map, one crucial design-aspect is its total size and available space for players. Therefore, being able to calculate distances correctly is an essential skill, since different distances can affect fall-damage and accessibility. Since working in three dimensions can be...
  14. Leonin

    Light_env, secret room and windows completely bugged.

    (First time posting) I was bored and decided to make a small map based on Superhot, although it would have worked better if I knew how to map well. if someone will fix it please send me the file and I'll give you some hats. :engieyay:
  15. RetroNuva10

    [GUIDE] Color Theory in your map

    My first guide here, so hopefully it'll be helpful to some people! Colors are important in all forms of art and media, so it won't surprise you that they're also very important in video games, whether used to make a game look pretty, thematic, immersive, or act as visual cues. If you're at all...