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  1. Feathered Turtle

    Tf2 crashes upon attempting to load the map...

    Idk what to do, here's the log if that helps any : \ ** Executing... ** Command: "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf" "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress...
  2. CommLogic


    Im trying to make some spawn rooms and im finding that whenever i try to make a team exclusive door it wont open (as intended) for the enemy team unless they touch the door itself, at which point it goes up and gets stuck, anybody know how to fix?
  3. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Hammer seemingly broken

    Hello, I've still been trying to work on my map and despite all of my best efforts, it will not load changes still, I've tried renaming it, I tried resetting the files to an earlier version, nothing. The compile log is here, please help, I've been working on this map for a while and have already...
  4. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Weird mapping error.

    So, I was working on my map. I tried to compile my map, only problem is, none of my updates are showing. I've checked to see if any steps in the compiler is crashing, they're not. I checked to make sure all steps were running, they were. I checked the compile log on Interlopers, I remade all of...
  5. FamyCHoff

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013, but works fine in Counter-Strike Source. How to do the same?

    HELP! Phantom leak, possible file corruption.

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. Recetly I've been working on a tf2 map that I'm very proud of. Today I started bumping into this weird error that messes up everything. This happened right when I tried to add water to one area of the map. Lights don't work, some brushes dissapear and...
  7. MaggeyAttackey

    Half of map despawning for seemingly no reason?

    Hey! So, half my map random just stops existing whenever I compile and run my map in TF2. Here's some screenshots. I was wondering if this is a common bug or if hammer has randomly decided I don't get to have a blu side. If there's anything you need to know I'll be happy to provide.
  8. gronk

    filters for func_door not working properly

    I'm trying to put doors into my map. I followed the steps in UEAKCrash's video View: and I have a strange issue. When I try to enter the door with the right team, there are no issues. The door opens and...
  9. Thanos

    Error No Map Textures game crashes

    every time i try to run my map i get an alert "error no map textures" and the game crashes what does that mean? i have textures all over my map and its telling me i have a problem.
  10. jeff #ImWithHer


  11. Light08

    Stucking Projectiles Glitch

    Greetings! So, I've been working on a map of mine, updating it to a halloween-ish version and releasing the new version. Everything was all right so far until we actually released the map on the server, where a strange bug starts to happen, in which projectiles get stuck on walls and floors...