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  1. radarhead

    Lava Flow 1

    Contains 2 VMTs: nature/lavawall001a (Standard for world brushes) nature/lavawall001_blend (Blends to a brighter, hotter lava texture)
  2. Yaki

    Lavafall (waterfall001 reskin) Initial Release

    This is a quick reskin of the waterfall under props_forest, as seen in maps like ctf_sawmill. This reskin uses vmts that direct to "nature/underworld_lava001", so no new textures. Does not come with particles.
  3. Rickedy Split

    koth_sheldon_a5a a5a

    A Koth map which I've worked on for a bit, I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave any feedback, I need it to improve the map (please be specific when pointing out bugs or issues, and if you can, supply coordinates of any bugs you find, thank you!) Note: This map is shit, and isn't...
  4. TheFluffycart

    CP Flood a2

    Originally a water treatment plant, (Map name here) was brought down to the minor title of a battlefield. This map is still VERY early in development, and as such, still has a lot of work needed to be done. Updates to come: -Add health kits, ammo, and limit sentry camping points with nobuild...
  5. 200

    Lavafall 1.0

    This is a very simple vertically falling lava texture. Basically, it is just this tutorial with nature/underworld_lava002 texture. Packed with a simple map where you can check this out and see a usage example. A gif of a texture in action. Feel free to credit me if you want, I do not require...
  6. Oatmeal

    Floor is Lava rc2

    Made in a week for the April Fools Contest 2016. A 5cp map with lava on the floor. Optimized for competitive platforming in a magma based environment. Workshop Using (probably forgetting some stuff, sorry for that): pd_watergate props and artstyle by Egan & Bakscratch and various modelers...