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  1. Scampi

    koth_cloaked a3

    A remake of the mysterious cp_cloak. What a strange place. Will be tested an updated overtime to improve gameplay. They're watching.
  2. Scampi

    More compiling issues

    Alrighty, here I am again, suffering from more compiling madness. Here's the rundown: I have been incrementally making a detail map (not for gameplay, probably) and compiling after each large change. It's loaded with custom content, and each time Compile Pal has been able to pack it all up...
  3. DaNovA

    72hr Fool (Die) [Explicit] Lyrics

    [Content warning] : The lyrics you're about to read might seem offensive to you, as you might understand by the situation. Therefore, read at your own risks (if ever you think there is one). Imagine yourself as an everyday Medic, coming out of his lab to heal a bunch of mercenaries. What a...