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  1. JackHundeswald

    Beyond Time 0.1

    upon discovering the existence of a mini black hole threatening to destroy not just the future, but the past as well, BLU team will attempt to push a payload cart across the Hammer worlds to destroy it! However RED has good reasons to think that the bomb will backfire and must stop BLU! The...
  2. Yelta + 옐다

    cp_lumbermill v1

    A joke map that was a pain in the arse to make but might be fun to play at least for the first few times.
  3. Gravidea

    Zephyr a3

    With Mountain Lab being one of my favourite maps, I've wanted to try a 3CP Attack/Defend map for a while now. The map is planned to be themed similarly to Lumberyard, using a few gameplay concepts I came up with to put into the same map! The idea for the map is that BLU (Builders League United)...
  4. HQDefault

    Betteryard RC1

    I re-detailed lumberyard to look closer to how it appeared in the concept art, as well as just giving my own personal flavor. Here's the concept art for reference: KotH version here: