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  1. Billo

    How to implement loading screen photos

    Hi, I am the creator of Eruption and some of you asked me how I implemented the loading screen photos of the map. Instead of explaining that to everyone one by one I thought I could make a small tutorial on how you can make that. ------How to do it------- 1) Go to Team Fortress 2, take the...
  2. Maximum_Bloop

    Anyone have a good forklift model for TF2 I could use?

    I have a map that I've been working on and I need a forklift for it. The forklift model I downloaded won't work so I need a replacement model or precise instructions on how to make the original model work (the original model had missing textures)
  3. scalseHUN

    In hammer for me props aren't showing properly on the cameraview. Pls help!

    The props are showing for me like this if I am a bit further and if I am close it loads properly, what can I do to see the props properly in the camera view, all the time? Please someone help me.
  4. Alaxe

    Every Time I Try To Open My Map, It Crashes

    I just booted up Hammer Editor, and when I went to select my map save, it gets to 5% and then just crashes. It was working fine yesterday