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  1. Plecostomus Bread

    Waco a6

    4th map, looking for feedback (and to make it good :))
  2. InstantOzone

    koth_pathetic alpha 4

    This was originally a map made for the 72hr jam 2022, I've chosen to move it's main download page here for future updating as I plan on updating and hopefully getting a few playtests for this map. I made a few changes since the 72hr jam post. They are: changed layout to remove godawful...
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    route_rear A8

    This is my first map i made, i somehow fix it so it's doesn't malfunction lol.
  4. LadyBug

    koth_bermuda a3

    Koth map. Oilrig style of building.

    Frostbite a4

    I decided to slow down for a bit After having several failed mapping attempts. This is a pretty bland basic Koth Map. I have more creative and dynamic plans for it in later Updates, but for the moment I want to test the basic layout. Like the Original Arena map it's named after, I plan to make...
  6. Joseph joestar

    Pistonedstone A9

    (pictures more than outdated) So, here we go I was doing some things between my Disasterous previous map, but I haven't been satisfied with all of them, so I often just deleted them. But anyway, I want to post at leas something just to see if it's any better than before. Map itself is a koth...
  7. LilBerB

    koth_authec (BETA) vB

    NOTE: THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION OF THIS MAP. THIS IS NOT A FULLY COMPLETED MAP. IMPROVEMENTS WILL BE MADE IN THE NEXT VERSION. This is my very first map I made. I know it isn't that good, but I will be making improvements. In the next version, I will change the ground up a bit instead of it...
  8. E

    AtDaBeach 2017-08-07

    is a koth map.