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  1. Zacco

    Silvera A1

    Silvera is my very first attempt at a Territorial Control map. This was going to be for the Unofficial Territorial Domination contest, but I have a little but too much ADHD rattling around up there in my brain. Fear not, as you still get to play the map in all of its beautiful nightmare...
  2. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Rumble in the Jungle Gameday!

    Get your jungle boots and booty shorts ready! Cause it's time to delve deep into the local jungle and play some fun Jungle themed maps! For this gameday, as you could prolly guess, it's all about Jungle themed maps! Forests are close enough, so some of them are included! WHERE: Tf2Maps.net...
  3. bajablink

    Medieval Hacksaw A7

    I am Saxton Hale and I currently have no pants on. But that doesn't matter, because you can watch the raging alcoholic fight and many others inside Hacksaw. Only 500$ per ticket! I'll see you there, "Mercenary".
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    Paddock a1

  5. Kepler

    CTF Overgrown A1

    A CTF map with a 6 minute timer (+1 minute on capture) that ends the game in a stalemate if both sides haven't won by the time the timer has ended and where the flag returns to base within 5 seconds of being dropped.
  6. SnakedSnack

    [KOTH] Ancient Temple b1

    A jungle-themed map made for 72hr jam. Still need a lot of detail work. I will work on this after the jam is over too. I used a Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by a Boojum Snark and Sean "heyo" Cutino's jungle assets for this map.
  7. DubThink

    mvm_island a009

    An mvm map set in red's evil island lair. Set in the style of mercenary park. Note: this is still very much a wip. Join discord.gg/yMKmGTy for up-to-date stuff and playtesting. Map by DubThink Pop file by xiPoison Design by DubThink and xiPoison https://steamcommunity.com/id/DubThink/...
  8. Waffe

    pl_flowerlab_b5b (aka pl_coalbed) Open Beta

    pl_flowerbed_b5b (and b6), in beta and open for the public. Credit must be given to "Walter (Waffe) Grönholm". Heyo, I haven't touched Hammer Editor in ages as I've moved on to other games and things. I decided to share what I think is my favorite (own) map: pl_flowerlab. Link...
  9. LLamaManners

    Model Could Anyone make me some Jungle Themed stuff

    I've been looking for jungle themed stuff like waterfalls, rocks, textures and sprites but i cant seem to find them. If you have found any of these, please redirect me to the links, that would be great. If you have made any of these, please share the download link, that would also be great...