jimi jam

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  1. Phosphorus

    Jimi Jam overlay pack 1

    This is my pack of 3 Jimi Jam overlays. 1) full 2) text only 3) mascot only mention not required (but appreciated)
  2. Kuroki

    Brotherhood Of Arms Soldier Art 2021-12-20

    Soldier wearing one of my favorite hats! I'm not a very great artist but I tried my best and whipped up what I could.
  3. picklemichael

    random doodles 2021-12-20

    as you can see I don't really draw often lol
  4. Chuck_TF

    Warpaint: Jimi Smissmas!

    We wish you a very Jimi Smissmas! Maybe a happy new year as well, I suppose. This is a workshop warpaint submission for Team Fortress 2, click here to see the submission! Warpaint created by: Sparcdoctor, Spektral and Phe!
  5. amasterfuljuice

    jimijam is the imposter!?!?!?12 (gone sus) (war paint) 2021-12-19

    helldriver base paint. Jimijam's look of choice (War Paint) to celebrate the tf2maps community and the jam. donate to the charity. I know it looks bad but I am too tired this is good enough. standard size and alpha channel and stuff. aright but seriously answer me (who is joe)?
  6. Chuck_TF

    Rise Up Jammers (72 hour jam 2019 entry) 2019-08-04

    This is probably one of the most cursed things I've ever created...
  7. The Siphon

    Jimi Jam Cereal Set 2018-07-28

    "Wish to have the taste of your favorite Jam in the morning? Introducing the new and limited JimiJam cereals! Delivering 120% of your daily sugar needs!" Made cereal boxes of JimiJam cereals. The models were made in Blender and ported to Source. They have 2 skins available (red & blue) and 2...
  8. DemoN K!ng

    Summer and Jam A1

    Made by: Andrei (Spoon Egg): Merc Models,Merc Style DemoN K!ng: Coloring,Help with the Models [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy: Help with Coloring,Concept Jeleu: Background,Background Coloring Zefraxus: Idea,Merc Cosmetics Coloring Profile Links...
  9. Scampi

    3D-Printable Jimijam Medals! 2017-08-06

  10. Silverware

    JimiJam Steam Profile Pictures

    These are modeled after the fake company in TF2 named Jimi Jam. Posters of Jimi Jam can be found in game (Foundry, Hightower, Citizen Pain Minigun): https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/File:Jimi_jam.jpg
  11. KaydemonLP

    72hr Jimi Jam the not so jam release

    I was bored so i made this and as it was within the 72 hour jam i posted it here.
  12. uberchain

    72hr Jimi Jam! Vintage Ad 2016-07-25

    With the unholy powers of Source Filmmaker, one NSFW model and bad creativity, I have created this poster of actual jam for the 72 Hour Jam. Inspired by retro pinups and advertisements as well as the item I used for this. Custom Resources Used: Jimi Jam Mascot Head by Mnemosynaut Jimi Jam Jars...
  13. Stickface

    72hr Facility 72 download_fix

    After being unable to come up with a decent layout, the urge for detailing became too much, and thus facility 72 was made. The map is set in a spy tech styled base, the map itself besides just being a visual test was also intended with SFM in mind, so feel free to use it if you think it'll be...
  14. SanekOgon

    72hr [GMOD]Demo's First Domination! With Jimi Jam Stickers! Stickers update: 08/04/16

    This project get a medal! 72hrJam GMOD animation : Demo's First Domination! And Jimi Jam Stickers! ------- Hrmm-amrr-mrr-a! Or is it easier to say: We did it once – it went great – and now we’re doing it again! It’s time for the next 72hr TF2Jam! This year Valve have very kindly allowed us an...