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  1. Mess About

    kimitsu 2022-07-03

    kimitsu only has 3 main entrances in-and-out the base , and can easily be controlled from spawn, it's to make sure the game becomes as stalemate as possible. Assets: Japan pack expansion by EArkham and the original Japan content pack by Freyja Screenshots:
  2. Heili

    4Tokyo R03

    4 Teams, 4 Tokyo Rural Tokyo, 4 teams fight in an asymmetrical CTF. Made for Team Fortress 2 Classic. Includes bot support. Gamebanana Mirror
  3. RedTPC

    Rising Sun a4

    It's a stupid map
  4. Ailurus

    Koth Ellius B1

    Hey everyone thank you for coming to check out my map Koth Ellius. This is a map I have been working on over the past 12 weeks, it's my first finished map, so it's a bit rough around the edges but I'm relatively happy with where it is at, still open to feedback though. :D The map is japan...
  5. frankvega

    ctf_taki a1

    - The map right now is not fully playable, the map will be symmetric so when I finish the RED part I will just have to copy paste and edit the necessary things for the BLU part - Stage: Alpha v1 Gamemode(Possibilities): Mainly Invade CTF, KotH, Arena, CP, A gamemode that I will be working on...