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  1. Akulka5-7

    Little reward for big-heart men 2019-08-05

    Criticism is welcome
  2. Hazard

    koth_station A2

    Originally my submission for the 2019 Jam as well as my second 'completed' map. inspired by King and Harvest.
  3. gamer-tastic

    koth_jamtastic_b1 b1

    A simple king of the hill map that was created for the 2019 72 hour Jam. I hope you like it! My fifth map ever, and my first map to be uploaded.
  4. Trakmer

    [Model] Backfire on alley street

    none can tell you what do or how to do it, or was it when? doesnt matter when the job is done all done by yours truly except the scout of course and the background tf2.... source.......... you know what i mean
  5. you're upset bro?

    beep man engineer 2019-08-05

  6. spetz

    cp_grotto A1

    72 HOUR JAM ENTRY The Mercenaries Brawl in an Olde Village finished with 20 hours to spare! :) hope you guys enjoy the map that me and my friend worked really hard on he's not that good at making maps in hammer but he's good at design and aesthetics. Map Wouldnt have been as good looking...
  7. medical father

    Medic and Soldier emblem badges. 2019-08-04

    Badges made of red, orange, and black (for the stronger base) felt. Each has a pin on the backside. my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198372740997/
  8. AxioMr

    An Animated Spycrab 2019-08-04

    The attached file includes: -Above pictures at full resolution -The 3D printer files for the enclosure(2 pieces, print time was around 10h for one and 2 for the other one at 0.2 layer height (.STL)) -Code for the Arduino, as well as a .TXT backup.
  9. ReCommN

    The Amber Rim - Fashionists (72Hr Jam Entry) 2019-08-04

    For all kinds of reasons a lot of people want to know they became rich. For all kinds of reasons nobody wants to know they were driven insane.
  10. Mr. Festive

    [SFM] Femsentry 2019-08-03

    4lvl and now +tities