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  1. hehe troll (she/her)

    Jailbreak Bunker map a1c

    This is my first jailbreak map. So on the 15th of august I had the amazing idea of creating my own Jailbreak map for TF2. (i didn't know how to use hammer fully yet; i had some experience with it in the past but that was long ago) So that became this piece of junk! I hope you enjoy this mess I...
  2. the awesome

    jb_72hours 1

    it's a small jailbreak map thats about it i can be reached at https://steamcommunity.com/id/pipeFan413
  3. Semicolon Backslash

    Colors72 a1

    A jailbreak map almost completely made of solid colors designed for the 72 hour jam Currently contains the following minigames Deathcrate - avoid the box that is currently breaking the sound barrier Dodgeball - just like the game you played in 3rd grade gym class. jumprope - just like the...
  4. A Piece of Shit.

    Prison Break a4a

    Prison break A nice small map in her early stage. She has three points to capture: The main Hall that makes way for the prisoners to keep going. The messy Canteen that serves terrible food! The Yard where the prisoners have been digging a way out! Meanwhile the Guards need to prevent the...
  5. -W3E- Im Chuck

    Jailbreak Mini-Games please help

    I am VERY new to amp making i understand most of the map making process i jsut dont know how to make jailbreak Mini-games If someone knows how and would like to help please either reply here or add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198340139900/ If you know any YouTube videos that...
  6. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr Jail Break Map "Minecraft Daylight" v 3.0 2017-08-06

  7. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr JB Famouz 4 Verison

    My 3rd JailBreak 2 for 72hrJam. Games List: - Crash Game - Fall Game - Musical Game - Disco - Rocket Rain - Bunny Hop - Obstacle Course - PvP Arena - Jeopardy - Box Game - Sweeper - Dodgeball - Theatre - Swiming Pool - Golf And More! Feel Free To Add me and ask private questions :3...
  8. ☣ DzoT ☣

    Low fps when Spectating

    Welp, i'm making Jailbreak map. So when map fully compiled i got like ~3 fps... When i'm adding an bot and start playing, i got ~200+ fps.. So what is problem? :o (Sorry for bad English)