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  1. FateFighter

    info_player_teamspawn help

    My question is, can someone help me with how to solve it, there are 2 spawn places for both teams, but I want to use one of the spawns only when they are in the trigger and the players die there, and I also know that trigger_player_respawn_override and info_player_teamspawn are needed . If...
  2. Tango

    info_player_teamspawn can't be enabled/disabled?

    Hi all, So during the 72hour jam I had the brilliant idea of remaking shipment from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Which is most likely the result of a severe lack of sleep and listening to Scatman John non-stop for 72 hours. HOWEVER: Now that the map has been made and tested I ran into a issue...
  3. WeaselsLair

    Make Info_Player_TeamSpawn's for Humans and Bots?

    I have been digging around and so far have not found a way to segregate Info_Player_TeamSpawn's between humans and bots. By "bots" by the way, I do not mean MVM robots. What I mean is normal bots (NPC's) that may substitute for live players from time to time - depending on the server...