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  1. This Guy.

    1Plaza b1

    1Plaza is a standard CTF map that has open space, preferably for duels. It's a small park-like area that seems to be close to an abandoned village. It has recently had two new buildings, though, it has yet to see any renovation.
  2. ButteredSideDown

    koth_bainbridge_a1 2020-12-11

    Just the first map I've ever uploaded. Had a few adventures with hammer in the past but with this one I plan to stay with it and improve it over time. Thanks, and have fun!
  3. M

    Long fight 2019-07-09

    run to the fight then shoot people in the face
  4. ZungryWare

    pl_condemned (old) a12

    This map is under major reconstruction and will be posted as a new download once finished. Here is the (outdated) long version: View: Originally conceived as a payload/control point hybrid map, condemned includes slow-sections in some checkpoints...
  5. invertigo

    Lavender pa1

    Name subject to change. Decided to jump into Hammer for this TF2Jam. Found out that I hate vertexes, it's really hard to not rip off of other maps, and maintaining symmetry is a pain in the butt. -------------------------------------- Originally, this idea revolved around iconic Holland/Dutch...